Credit cards

Credit cards Credit cards depending on which point of view you look at it can be a necessary evil or the best thing since sliced bread. A credit card is rather like a standard loan carried on a piece of plastic, as with standard loans there is interest charged at a daily rate, the credit [...]

Credit cards explained

Credit cards explained Credit cards are now an almost necessity for anyone who uses the Internet or who needs to do their grocery shopping, but unfortunately not many people are well versed on credit cards. We look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards. The advantages of credit cards depending on [...]

Best Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards Best credit cards can be confusing with so many options and choices available. Credit cards have become a necessity in this day and age, and for those that can keep up with regular payments on their credit card, it can serve as a god send. The best type of credit card to [...]

Credit cards for bad credit

Credit cards for bad credit Credit card debts is one of the most difficult debts to get rid of, and is greatly emphasized to be consolidated as soon as possible. Not only are there usage fees, but over limit fees, interest charges, and late payment fees, not to mention payments are not always paid in [...]