Avoiding Credit Card Debt

Avoiding Credit Card Debt Avoiding Credit Card Debt should be the priority of anyone who needs or applies for a credit card to sort out a short term financial problem, bet it to clear an exisitng loan, to repair their home or to pay off other debts. Credit card companies especially in this dire economic [...]

Credit Cards wth 0 Interest

Credit Cards wth 0 Interest Credit Card with 0% Interest are some of the best type of credit cards to apply for. With the vast array of credit cards available, credit card providers and credit card issuers are vying for consumer business more than ever, and one of the ways they hope to entice consumers [...]

Credit card payoff calculator

Credit card payoff calculator A credit card payoff calculator would be a fantastic help to many people trying to find out how much they owe before their credit card bill arrives. Unfortunately for many poeple who are eager to only pay the minimum payment on their credit card statement, what they don’t know is that [...]

Credit card calculator

Credit card calculator A credit card calculator would help many people to find out in advance how much they owe on their credit card balance. What many people are unware of is that the minimum payment from their credit card statement that is usually advertised only takes account of the interest, and the larger more [...]

Credit card deals

Credit card deals Credit card deals can become confusing for the consumer looking for a credit card that compliments the promotions that they are looking for. The usual promotions include points to be redeemed as money off grocery shopping, as well as points to use for Air Miles, made popular lately in the movie Up [...]

Compare credit cards

Compare credit cards Comparing credit cards need not be a difficult exercise despite the plethora of credit card choices available. Credit cards especially during the Internet era have made application for them a breeze, all that is required for applying for one can be done online, and credit card issuers are taking advantage of the [...]

Credit cards

Credit cards Credit cards depending on which point of view you look at it can be a necessary evil or the best thing since sliced bread. A credit card is rather like a standard loan carried on a piece of plastic, as with standard loans there is interest charged at a daily rate, the credit [...]

Unsecured credit cards

Unsecured credit cards Unsecured credit cards are credit cards that are not secured against a property, such as your home. A credit card works rather like a loan from a bank that you pay back with interest, the only real difference between a standard loan and a credit card is that that loan is available [...]

Credit solutions

Credit solutions Credit solutions involve debt consolidation companies whose purpose is to collect the debt you owe a bank or an institution, and facilitates the process for the borrower by use of their third party services. Credit solutions and debt consolidation companies work by contacting the lender on your behalf, after the borrower has contacted [...]

Prepaid credit card

Prepaid credit card Prepaid credit cards can easily confuse many users, although they have the benefits of a credit card they are usually accepted for anyone regardless of their credit rating, and is the first port of call for those who want the benefit of a credit card without many of the risks. A prepaid [...]