Best Credit Card

Best Credit Card

Best credit cards are ideal if you can find the one with the features you want, but with so many credit cards being offered by the banks, it can be a minefield, finding one that you want, or indeed the best one.

There are so many options available with banks so eager for new business that they have a plethora of promotions available for choosing their credit card; with air miles, points for grocery shopping, and money off gas, it would be a good idea to select which one you would like, i.e. there would be no point going for a credit card that offers air miles, if you never have any intention of travelling by plane for the foreseeable future.

However despite the myriad of options, there are still a few ground rules that should be applied to when selecting the best type of credit card, not only should it be one that suits you, but also has the range of promotional offers and interest rate that you are comfortable with.

Always ensure that the card has a promotional period, a promotional period usually has lower APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and sometimes 0% on purchases and balance transfers throughout the promotional period, some people take advantage of this promotional period offered by various credit cards, by simply moving the balance or most of their balance to a newer card offering another promotional period, meaning they take advantage of new offers as soon as one ends.

Although credit card rates vary, they universally charge a lot more for cash withdrawals, so if it can be avoided try not withdrawing cash from a cash machine with your credit card as the APR can be extortionate.

Credit cards do have the added advantage of you not being loaded with cash in order to buy things, we all know the feeling of being at the checkout and scrambling for the right change to pay for a purchase, as long as you keep up with the required payments, having a credit card removes this unnecessary hassle.

Credit cards do prove their worth in externuating circumstances, for example if youare stuck in a rural area with no cash machine for miles, but a local convenince store, you can ask for cashback, although the interest rates will be high, it can prove useful in an emergency.

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