Credit card companies

Credit card companies Credit card companies can be a little confusing regarding who actually owns the credit card and who is issuing you the credit card, at first glance they may seem synonymous and common sense suggests that they are, but in actuality they could be two different firms. A major confusion is the fact [...]

Best Credit Card

Best Credit Card Best credit cards are ideal if you can find the one with the features you want, but with so many credit cards being offered by the banks, it can be a minefield, finding one that you want, or indeed the best one. There are so many options available with banks so eager [...]

Credit Cards – How to Apply For One

Credit Cards – How to Apply For One Credit cards are a fundamental necessity in this day and age, but not many people are aware of how to about applying for one. This is compounded with the vast amount of promotional offers and credit card deals available, from airmiles, to points to use for grocery [...]

Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling Consumer credit counseling has been generally accepted as one way of consolidating one’s debts. The aim of consumer credit counseling and indeed any debt consolidation program is to reduce the amount of debt over time and also the frequency of regular payments for the debt. How it works is the consumer credit [...]

Debit card

Debit card Debit cards and credit cards can sometimes get new customers easily confused. The major differences between debtit and credit cards is that debit cards are usually given by your bank where you have a relationship and an account with them, while credit cards you don’t necessarily have to have an account with the [...]

Secured credit card

Secured credit card Secured credit cards are becoming a growing trend especially in this financial climate as lenders want some kind of security for giving us credit. A secured credit card is simply a credit card that is secured against your belongings be it your home, or car, or some other asset. This is in [...]

Credit card offers

Credit card offers Credit card offers are all the rage these days, especially with so many people being upwardly mobile, in the Internet world we live in. However with so many credit cards vying for your business, you have to be careful which offer you would like to select. One of the ways of selecting [...]

Prepaid credit cards

Prepaid credit cards Prepaid credit cards provide the benefit of a credit card with less of the hassles. It has the added advantage of having a credit card and regulating your spending so the chances of oweing money on the card becomes minute especially if the prepaid credit card does not carry with it a [...]

Credit cards explained

Credit cards explained Credit cards are now an almost necessity for anyone who uses the Internet or who needs to do their grocery shopping, but unfortunately not many people are well versed on credit cards. We look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards. The advantages of credit cards depending on [...]

Student credit cards

Student credit cards Student credit cards are an absolute necessity for the college or university student. Not only are they useful when times are hard, as when a loan or overdraft hasn’t arived or has been activated yet, they also usually have an instant approval process as they are geared towards students. Credit cards be [...]